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Drake & Josh Reboot Officially Happening In 2020



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Drake & Josh ended September 16, 2007, after a four-season run — that wasn’t enough for Nickelodeon executives. 

The show creator, Dan Schneider, parted ways with Nickelodeon in March 2018 leaving the future of multiple shows with uncertainty.

Schneider, before his departure, focussed on new projects and had the drive for new content creation, over rebooting old projects. A Nick source tells us that the 53-year-old feared the digital age would impact his career as a television producer, a business he became part of in 1984.


Netflix and Nickelodeon formed a deal that will develop brand new animated films and series for children — this isn’t something unusual for the major companies, as Nick developed animated specials for Netflix, including, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus and Rocko’s Modern Life: Statis Cling.

The partnership will enable bigger projects to be developed, with larger budgets and reach an international audience due to the ever-expanding Netflix subscription list. Reboots are becoming a common theme in showbiz, with the likes of All ThatRugrats and Hey Arnold! and other non-Nickelodeon shows including, Animaniacs, Frasier, Lizzie McGuire, Bewitched, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Clueless.

A source connected directly with the network tells unCrazed that a Drake & Josh reboot “is happening,” and the original cast will return for the Nickelodeon series.

Over the last 12 months, both Drake Bell and Josh Peck have publicly spoken about the likelihood of working together on a Drake & Josh reboot, with Peck saying to Entertainment Tonight, “I wouldn’t call it a reboot. I think it’s just an opportunity for Drake and I to be working together again. Obviously, we love each other and we were able to make such an impact on people, so any chance to do something dope together, it’s really exciting for me.”



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Bell also noted in March that “neither of us want to do a reboot … “it has to be something cool, it has to be something creative, so, no, honestly I never thought that we would be coming back,”

According to our source, “scripts are drafted and the cast is heading for the table in 2020,” — in other words, a table read to review the scripts is slated for early 2020. The original cast is returning, including Drake and Josh, Miranda Cosgrove, Nancy Sullivan and Jonathan Goldstein with special guest appearances from Yvette Brown and Jerry Trainor.

The cast has open schedules for next year, with our source suggesting the start of production will be around “April, give or take,” and could see a Christmas 2020 release that allows the show to roll into 2021. We are also told cast-mates are being told by execs to “confirm nor deny” development of a reboot, “but either way, it’s happening.”

unCrazed will update on any future development.


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