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Drake & Josh Reunion Still Happening Post-COVID: Nickelodeon Insider




Drake & Josh will be returning to our screens once the COVID pandemic has passed, according to our Nickelodeon insider.

Earlier this year, unCrazed broke the news that Drake Bell and Josh Peck would be returning to their roles in the 2000s-hit series, Drake & Josh.

In our first story about a reboot it was made clear to us that both actors would be sliding back into their TV step-brother characters before the year ends, but as it goes, COVID spoiled that for the production.

We have liaised with our sources … they are telling us that all castmates originally scheduled for the reboot – including Bell (Drake Parker) and Peck (Josh Nichols)Miranda Cosgrove (Megan Parker), Nancy Sullivan (Audrey Parker-Nichols) and Jonathan Goldstein (Walter Nichols) with special guest appearances from Yvette Brown (Helen) and Jerry Trainor (Crazy Steve) are still involved and with production for other commitments of each castmate also being shifted for other projects, development is still going ahead without any major conflict.


Production was hugely delayed with the original schedule set for April 2020, but now the entertainment industry can better protect production teams, we are told filming will begin “January next year” unless “major State restrictions don’t permit production companies as essential occupations,” … it has been a difficult time for some of the bigger-budgeted shows and films due to the necessity of investing more on health and safety measures and COVID testing.

A table read was conducted over video call during the worldwide lockdown, which enhanced the development stage drastically in comparison to waiting until restrictions were eased as the year continued. It has been confirmed by our Nickelodeon insider that in early 2021, an official announcement will be made by the network that will also highlight a bunch of other reboots and re-visits to some pre-2010 classics in partnership with Netflix.

unCrazed will keep you updated on further Drake & Josh development.

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