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Eddie Vedder’s Life Flashed Before His Eyes During COVID-19 Battle




Singer Eddie Vedder has said that his life flashed before his eyes while he battled with COVID-19.

Addressing the crowd at his performance in Los Angeles on February 25, Vedder said that he had contracted the virus weeks earlier. He spoke following his 17-year-old daughter Olivia’s rendition of My Father’s Daughter.

“I got COVID right before we were supposed to start practising, probably five, six weeks ago, and literally saw my life in front of my eyes,” said Vedder.

“I’ve done some very good things for my body and I’ve also had a lot of fun and I’ve done some things that would be termed some kind of abuse.”


He continued, “I won’t get into the details. Just use your imagination. But it felt pretty serious, and to get through that and then be back in a room like this facing this many people… it’s been a gift and an honour.”

Vedder is currently touring to promote his new solo album Earthling.

He has already performed in venues across New York, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle and New Jersey.


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