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Sandra Bullock & Ellen DeGeneres Sue Over Fake Ads



? Eva Rinaldi/unCrazed Composite

Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres are joining forces to sue multiple companies over false advertisements.

The actress and daytime talk show host have come together in an effort to sue companies that are advertising anti-ageing and beauty products.

According to the entertainers, the companies in question are using their name, likeness and photographs to promote products and misrepresenting the fact that both Hollywood stars are endorsing the products in question.

In one false advertisement, Sandra is seen to look as though she is boasting about her “amazing new skin” with the company credited and links to the products Bullock allegedly uses and endorses.


We’re told the products in question include Lavish Skin Care, Alessa Serum, Glovella and Life Cell Skin Care — and are amongst others listed in the lawsuit.

Additionally, Ellen and Sandra want a judge to order the companies to cease using their names and likeness, and have demanded the companies profits earned by using their names.

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