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Kylie Jenner & Drake Are NOT Dating



? Instagram/Drake/Hayu/unCrazed Composite

Kylie Jenner and Drake are just friends, and that isn’t an insult to either of them or a shun from the other.

According to multiple reports, the reality star and rapper are calling each other on their cell phones late at night when they need love.

Speaking with a source, unCrazed is told that Drake and Kylie aren’t entering into a relationship with each other nor are they dating or even spending any romantic time together.

It would be a huge insult to Kanye West if the Hotline Bling rapper dated Jenner since her brother-in-law and Drake are constantly beefing; publicly and privately … in West’s case, it’s usually on social media.


Despite the rift between Ye and Champagne Papi, on Drake’s 33rd birthday, Jenner attended with other mutual friends and even attended other events together — but we’re assured, this is simply due to them being friends.

Since Jenner split from Travis Scott, the former duo have done a lot of parental activities with their daughter, Stormi, which is to continue with the holidays coming up.

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