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Emma Roberts And Garrett Hedlund Spotted Holding Hands



? ©Jorge Figueroa//unCrazed Composite

Earlier last month, rumours circulated that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters called it quits on their engagement. 

We spoke with several sources, including a new source that presented themselves to us towards the end of March this year, all of which suggested, in fact, were adamant, that none of this was remotely true.

It would seem that Emma and speculated new boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund, were holding hands whilst taking a stroll in New York City on Sunday.

Now, our sources are still saying this is part of a bigger picture, that Emma hasn’t split from Evan — but of course, pictures or it didn’t happen, right? Well, pictures have surfaced. We are being told to “bear in mind what day it is,” — and our sources are still under the impression this is part of Emma’s way to troll the media.


Emma also posted a new Instagram Story today with her best friend, captioning it, “Trips with my wife,” which again, our sources are saying is part of the ploy.

We are asking the same questions as you, is this real, are we in denial? Time will tell, but until then, head over to People to see the photograph.