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Eurovision Winners Måneskin Hope To Collaborate With Miley Cyrus




Eurovision winners Måneskin are hoping to collaborate with Miley Cyrus after the singer congratulated them on their win.  

The ‘Eurovision Song Contest‘ winners hinted at the possibility of a collaboration with Miley in a recent interview with Metro.

“Some of the artists we look up to the most texted us saying, “Good job guys, we love you”. We’ve had messages from Franz Ferdinand and Miley. Yes, Miley Cyrus!” Bassist Victoria De Angelis said.

“We’ll have to try to convince her (to work with us). We can send her hundreds of texts on Instagram.” she added.


Måneskin are still getting to grips with international fame after their winning song reached number one in over thirty countries.

“The whole world around us has changed obviously, with the attention, and now we have the chance to work with the best professionals in the world.” Frontman Damiano David said.

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