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Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin Wants The Franchise To Continue




Director Justin Lin has revealed that he would like to see the Fast & Furious franchise continue after the 11th film.

The eleventh installment, due to premiere in 2024, has long been touted as the final entry in the long-running franchise. However Lin, who has directed five Fast & Furious films, shared his belief that other avenues remained open to keep the franchise alive.

Speaking in an interview with Screen Rant, Lin stated that streaming platforms could offer a way forward.

“Well, obviously things have shifted and they change. And obviously, you think about TV, its streaming.” Said Lin. “Streaming, there’s all these different mediums.”


“One of the things I enjoy most about making these films is the element of talking to the actors about their characters and their journey, because our cast and our world has become so big. And I can tell you 80% of our conversation, you don’t see on screen.”

F9: The Fast Saga released earlier this year, claiming the most successful international opening weekend since the COVID pandemic began.

F10 is scheduled for release in 2023.

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