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Game Of Thrones Script Up For Sale



Game of Thrones
? Helen Sloan/HBO/unCrazed Composite

UPDATE at 20:02 BST: We have reviewed footage taken from a late night talk show in the United States where Nikolaj Coster-Waldau appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live — he claims to have received his script from the show’s writers via an application that made the script automatically delete once read.

There are two scenarios here: 1. this confirms the story below or 2. it debunks the story below.

HBO has a mole — because the final season of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, April 14 — yet someone is selling the script.

According to our sources, scripts are up for grabs in the form of pictures.


We’re told scripts were sent out via an app almost two years ago, which makes it impossible to screenshot any of the content, and once it has been read, it “self-destructs”

Someone has taken pictures of some of the shows key scenes and is now putting them up for sale, approaching various publications and gossip websites using an alias name. Scripts have leaked before, in fact, entire episodes have appeared online days before the official airing, and our sources are saying the newly leaked script holds information that ultimately provides the shows ending.

Whilst the cast remain tight-lipped during their press junket, the leaker has other plans. We are told two scripts are up for grabs, episode one and episode three; but you will need to pay a hefty fee of $8,200.

An email which is alleged to be from HBO to “staffers” claims they were made aware of the situation over a year ago, and warned “staffers” that any mobile phones found on a person during script readings, tours (presumably of the sets) and screenings, will face legal action, and monies owed to “staffers” will be restricted until investigations have “ceased”.


unCrazed is unable to confirm whether the email is legitimate, but a conflicting source is claiming it is bogus. Looking at the email provided from our source, it would seem a photograph has been taken from a screen, but only some of the context is visible.

We are going to provide any updates in relation to this as soon as we receive them.

Will you be watching the final season of Game of Thrones?