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Grimes Reveals The Reason Why She Isn’t On ‘Chromatica’ Remix Album




Grimes has revealed on Twitter the reason why she isn’t featured on Lady Gaga’s new remix album Dawn Of Chromatica.

According to the signer, a “sibling rivalry”, between her and the album’s executive producer BloodPop is the reason why her rumoured feature never happened.

“Bloodpop and I have sibling rivalry issues and our immaturity led to the song not being completed,” Grimes said on Twitter.

She continued: Also he’s mad at me for taping a picture of myself above his bed and when he removed the picture the tape ripped off the paint. He shud have left it.”


Bloodpop, then responded to Grimes tweet stating that work on the rumoured track never started because she was too busy filming TikTok.

“Not completed as in not started. She was too busy making Tik toks,” he said in a tweet.


In July, Grimes said during a livestream that she was involved in Gaga’s upcoming remix album after delays to its release allowed her to record her monologue.

However, when Gaga announced the album earlier this week, Grimes did not feature among the guest artists on the tracklist.

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