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Harris Reed’s Entire SS22 Collection Made From Donated Clothes




Harris Reed’s life has turned upside down within a month. Not only have they attended The Met Gala, collaborated with jewellery icons Missoma they hosted the final day of London Fashion Week.

They chose to make a powerful statement about fashion’s effect on the environment.

Reed’s collection, Found, saw 10 looks hit the catwalk. All of them has been made from clothes sourced from British charity Oxfam;

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Reed has often spoke about their commitment to sustainability, they sometimes repurpose fabric from their creations into others.

The show was made in partnership with Oxfam, to highlight their campaign Second Hand September which encourages people to not buy any new clothes for the entire of September.


“Working with these older pieces has offered me a fresh insight into construction,” Reed said in the show notes. “While breathing new life into these looks, I’ve been able to hone my techniques and learn from the original state of the garment.”

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