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‘House Of Gucci’ Dialogue Coach Calls Out Lady Gaga’s Accent




With Lady Gaga seemingly taking over the world as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, her method acting has been spoken about in Hollywood for months now.

But a vocal coach that worked on the film has criticised Gaga’s Italian accent, despite Gaga reportedly living as Patrizia Reggiani for 9 months – accent and all.

“I feel bad saying this, but her accent is not exactly an Italian accent, it sounds more Russian,” Francesca De Martini told The Daily Beast.

De Martini actually auditioned for a role on the film, was unsuccessful but was brought back to work as a dialogue coach.


“I was surprised – ‘House of Gucci’ was a really, really big production for [the country]. I think I never saw a movie [this big] here, maybe ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ‘Bond’, they had this huge crew. So, I was really surprised to be called for this, and I was surprised there wasn’t a dialogue coach on set.”

She continued, “What happened was this: Salma Hayek  shot for one day and then asked for a dialogue coach. I think she heard the accent wasn’t right and she was worried — she wanted to do well.”

While on set, Francesca overheard Gaga’s accent: “I was noticing when I was on set, because I had earphones working with Salma and hearing what she was saying so I could help her to get it right, so I could hear Lady Gaga as well.”

In Gaga’s feature with British Vogue and Vogue Italia, she spoke of her method acting.


She confessed “I only felt that I could truly do this story justice if I approached it with the eye of a curious woman who was interested in possessing a journalistic spirit so that I could read between the lines of what was happening in the film’s scenes.”

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