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Want To Date Selena Gomez? Here’s How… In Her Own Words



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Selena Gomez is spilling the secrets that could land a lucky reader a date with the singer. 

The 27-year-old appeared on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp where she responded to a question from Jason Derulo.

He asked, “How do you like to be approached? What’s the best approach a man can give?” before she announced, “I like group situations. So, I find that that’s what makes me comfortable if they’re someone maybe I know of someone I know,”

She continued, “I tend to like to be approached in a natural, organic way. And I hope that whoever is doing that is actually interested in me and not really my name. So, it’s pretty hard, but that’s usually the best way.”


In other words, if you genuinely don’t know who she is if you are lucky enough to organically meet her, and you find her attractive before the whole superstar-singer topic arises, you are in for a good shot… or if you do know who she is, re-read this paragraph.

Gomez went on to explain who her ideal man would be, saying, “I love genuine, you know? I feel like in the first five seconds, I can tell if I’m meeting someone that just wants one thing.

Selena Gomez Reacts To Question From Jason Derulo

Selena Gomez gets coy answering dating question from Jason Derulo… ??


Posted by Capital FM on Monday, December 16, 2019

And then I can tell when it’s a good group of guys and they’re cool … I love funny. I don’t like arrogant. I don’t like show off-y. I love playful and adventurous, but really down to Earth and cool.”

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