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Jay-Z Snatches Phone Off Man Filming Beyoncé Dancing At Diddy’s 50th Birthday Party



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Jay-Z was spotted snatching a phone off a man that was filming his wife dancing at Diddy’s 50th birthday party. 

In an ironic turn of events, a man was filmed, filming Beyoncé dancing before Jay-Z walks over and snatches the phone out of his hand.

The phone was handed back, but we’re told a few stern words were passed from one gentleman to another — the 50-year-old essentially told him to stop being creepy.


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Jay snatching someone’s phone cause he was filming Beyoncé dancing with @saweetie & @kellyrowland ? He loves his wife.

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After the incident happened, both parties made up and put it down as a misunderstanding. Ultimately, Diddy invited a bunch of his friends and allowed a plus one for each guest, so it was either a mutual friend or a plus one that did the camera work — either way, the party continued and nobody was too scorned.


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