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Hugh Hefner: Son, Cooper Hefner, Joins US Air Force & Closes Media Company



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Cooper Hefner, the son of the late Hugh Hefner, has decided to cross onto another path, training oversees, with the US Air Force. 

Hefner quit Hugh’s Playboy business in an effort to start his own media company, Stag and Hefner Media Corporation, which had plans to launch a digital content platform specifically for millennials.

The 28-year-old quickly abandoned those plans, and since the decision has played a smaller role in his company — which makes sense now as it would seem the former Playboy editor-in-chief has secretly been signing up to the Air Force.

In 2016, when Hugh took a turn for the worst, Cooper stepped up and ensured avid followers and supporters of Playboy were fed their daily dose of the website feed and sporadic magazines. He took a bold step and even brought back nudity into the mag, a move that caused a stir and had mixed opinions.



Announcing the news on his own social media, Cooper captioned a photo on Instagram, “Today I informed leadership and financiers of Stag and Hefner Media Corporation I would be stepping back from focusing on launching a new company and stepping towards greater service to community and country. In a week I depart for US Air Force basic training. A new road ahead.‬”

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