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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With TikTok’s Steven McKell



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Before TikTok, there was — and before, there was Vine. Fast-forward to 2019, everyone has become a content creator. But for Steven McKell, he managed to build his foundation and become number one on TikTok. 

Born and raised in Scotland, United Kingdom, Steven always had a passion for success; and wanted a platform to express himself and encourage others to do the same. Initially battling online criticism, or better yet, bullying, he built an empire of followers that feed off his positive energy and share their stories with him.

Spider-Man‘s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” something which Steven recognises he now holds as an influencer and budding actor. Because of this, he wants to show his supporters that you can respond to negative comments with positivity, rather than dishing out hate towards hate.

You can follow him on Instagram, or directly on TikTok and even subscribe to his YouTube channel.


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