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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Hassie Harrison



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You thought you knew Hollywood and the future of current stars, but get ready to meet the next leading lady, Hassie Harrison. 

Born in Texas and raised in entertainment, Hassie is one of those actresses that appear from nowhere and are on every billboard advertisement you come across; you will have seen her before however, whether it’s as Lucy on TruTV‘s Tacoma FDChunk & Bean or on social media.

At the age of 15, she went to college, lived in Copenhagen studying European cinema and is a music enthusiast, and those are just some facts about this up and coming star.

Speaking with unCrazed, Hassie explains that her sudden appearance in Hollywood isn’t just an overnight opportunity and that she has worked hard to reach audition levels and land the roles that have earned respect from colleagues and viewers.


It would be unfair and impossible to say that her career has just started because after studying and working within the industry from a young age, Hassie was born to hold a place on the big screen.

The finale of Tacoma FD is upon us, and during the interview, we talk about the future of the series, and whether a second season is possible, or better yet if she wants there to be a second instalment. Her character is Lucy who’s the first female firefighter assigned to the Tacoma Fire Station — and she’s the Chief’s daughter. Surpassing many other auditionees for the lead role, Hassie finds herself in a very fortunate position.

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