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Opinion: Is There A Place For Both Home And Theatre Movie Releases?




Over the last year, movie theatres have felt like a thing of the past as companies have started releasing films on their streaming service platforms allowing consumers to watch new releases from home.

As restrictions are beginning to ease, theatres are starting to open but will people want to return to the theatres after the comfort of watching from home?

I believe that there is a place in which both can become the new normal.

Nothing can compare to seeing a highly-anticipated film on the big screen with movie quality audio. However, the behaviour of the people around you, expensive food and drink, as well as an inability to pause the film at your convenience changes the quality cinema experience to one which you might want to live without.


Watching from home might take away the negatives of cinema, but at the same time removes the positives. As well, in order to watch an upcoming film such as Black Widow, you will need to have a Disney+ subscription plus premier access, which equals a sum that your wallet would most definitely notice.

Despite movies simultaneously streaming online, data from Comscore reflects how Warner Bros. has dominated the box office in recent months. The success of films Godzilla vs Kong and Tom & Jerry: The Movie makes it clear that cinema is here to stay and therefore, the simple answer to the question raised earlier is yes, movie theatres still have their place.

There will always be people wanting to watch the next big theatrical release in movie theatres, and there will always be people choosing to watch from the comfort of their own homes. I say let’s celebrate both.

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