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Jake Paul Claims Logan Paul Vs KSI Fight Was Rigged



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Logan Paul and KSI fought it out in the ring once again last week, this time in Paul’s country: USA.

After losing to KSI and receiving a 2 point deduction by the referee who claimed Logan performed an illegal manoeuvre, Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, is taking a stance by claiming it could have been rigged.

In a new YouTube video on his channel, Jake talks about the entire event and build up to the fight post-the first boxing fight that took place in Manchester, UK.

He went on record the evening that Logan lost to say, “I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but all of this s***’s f****** rigged. You know, you see people wining and dining each other, you see people at Staples Centre; who was at the Staples Centre last night with KSI? Joe Markowski from DAZN … this sports rigged, for sure — 100%.”


Today, Jake wanted to clear up his comments, but neither confirmed nor denied his opinion on the matter to be true. In his new video, he said, “Basically, I’m saying I’ve been in the sport for a short amount of time and from what I can tell and the stories I’ve heard, and just knowing certain people in the industry, I can tell you that when there’s millions and millions of dollars on the line things aren’t going to be as fair as you think they are.

I’m not saying the KSI versus Logan Paul fight was rigged, but I’m also not saying that it wasn’t, because we don’t know. Who would do the rigging, how would the rigging even happen; these are all crazy questions.”

Jake has taken the step to announce that he wants to avenge his brother, and will fight KSI — when the timing is right.

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