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Kylie Jenner Trespasser Sentenced For 12 Months



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Brandon Sevilla Martinez, the trespasser who showed up at Kylie Jenner’s house has been sentenced.

The Los Angeles Country Superior Court has been given a 12-month sentence in prison for trespass after he drove on private property and bringing contraband into a jail.

He was arrested after walking up to her driveway and knocking on the property door demanding to see Kylie. She gained a temporary restraining order against Brandon — and now he’s been slapped with 3-year probation, and is required to stay at least 100 yards away from Hidden Hills.

The temporary restraining order will be discussed at a hearing later this month and whether an extension will be granted.


In reference to the contraband in a jail: when he was arrested, he was hit with a felony count of bringing contraband into jail after law enforcement discovered a glass pipe.

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