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Jake Paul Releases New Song “I’m Single” And It’s Beautiful



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Jake Paul made a promise that if his Instagram post from 15 February 2019 received 200,000 comments, he would release a new song.

Now is your time to get excited Jake Paulers, because the actor and rapper dropped his latest single, “I’m Single” — and you need to hear it.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Jake explained, “I made a song called “I’m Single” because these convos are my life… but I really don’t know if I should drop it… maybe if this gets 200,000 comments I’ll drop it March 1st…” and from that moment on, his notifications exploded with thousands of comments being left.


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Jake asked commenters to reply with ten broken love heart emojis in a row, without being disrupted by other commenters responses, and he would follow those that achieved the consecutive posts. Even though we at unCrazed were sceptical about spam-posting, we did it anyway — and of course, Instagram banned our account from commenting for 24 hours. You had us, Jake.

His latest single is a work-of-art, a true representation of his maturity and development. The track starts with a beautiful guitar rift that complements his Asher Roth-esk vocals — leading to the lyrics, “I’ve been drinking, floating, caught in my emotions, losing my mind. I’ve been sinking, coping, had my heart broken, I don’t know why.” ultimately describing the turmoil that he’s been through over the last few months.


Viewers see Jake on his YouTube channel sharing highlights from his daily routine, but this song captures the moments he shied away from revealing with his audience.

Congratulations on the new song Jake, it truly deserves to climb the charts.