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Jake Paul Talks About Soulja Boy, KSI, Team 10, PewDiePie, Mr Beast And More On Impaulsive



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Jake Paul has spilt the tea on many hot topics and controversies during his appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive.

Appearing on his brother’s number one podcast in the world, Jake discusses controversies, relationships, Team 10 and how he made $19 million at 22 years old — is the description of the episode on YouTube.

Many have asked for Jake to appear on Logan’s podcast, and the moment is here. Also promoting his new song, I’m Single, Jake mentions fighting Soulja Boy in a boxing match, saying he feels it would be good for Soulja Boy from a marketing perspective, and that he could make a lot of money from it.

Jake says he’s always had a business mindset, and the original idea for Team 10 was to contact all of the biggest Vine stars, at the time of Vine being a thing, and sign them up to a deal where profits would be made for the sale of products using their platform — a social media influencer e-commerce for a better phrase, before social media influencers were as popular as they are now (our words).


Discussions around Shane Dawson’s docuseries were held, and Logan divulges into whether or not Jake felt it was invasive and discovers his true thoughts on the overall production.

Another major talking point was Disney — apparently, they paid him “crumbs” in comparison to YouTube, with Logan speculating an estimated $15,000 was paid… per episode.

You can see the episode of Impaulsive here:r