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Larry King Wins $250k Over ‘Mock’ Interview



? Gage Skidmore/unCrazed Composite

Talk show legend, Larry King, won $250,000 in a legal default judgement against Nate Holzapfel. 

Larry sued Nate last year over a “mock” interview that Larry did with him several years back.

According to Larry, Nate “began using footage from the Mock Interview, as well as still images of Larry King taken from the Mock Interview and elsewhere, and combining those images with words falsely attributed to Mr. King, to make it appear that Mr. King endorsed Holzapfel”

Nate allegedly asked Larry to step in for a “mock” interview that was never supposed to be released or shown to anyone else but television producers. However, as Larry points out, images were used.


Larry goes as far to say that Nate made up a quote used on his website that said, “Larry King…loves Nate because Nate makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room,” — Larry denies ever saying that.

Nate has been ordered to destroy any materials he made that have Larry involved and to cease using Larry’s name and likeness.

On top of the $250,000, Larry also received $8,600 to cover legal fees.