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James Brown Death Being Investigated By Atlanta DA As Murder



? Koen Suyk/Anefo/unCrazed Composite

James Brown died on Christmas day in 2006 after suffering from heart failure.

He was taken into hospital for treatment of pneumonia, and since his death, it has never been formally investigated other than a coroners report.

Jacque Hollander contacted Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard’s office and requested a meeting about the Godfather of Soul, who died aged 73. In her meeting, she claimed Brown was killed by another person.

According to Chris Hopper, the prosecutor’s spokesman, Hollander presented an amount of alleged evidence that could potentially trigger a murder investigation into the death of James.


A timescale on a decision as to whether Brown’s death will be investigated as murder hasn’t been confirmed, but unCrazed will keep you posted.

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