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Jeff Lowe Teaming Up With Joe Exotic Ahead Of ‘Tiger King’ Sequel




Jeff Lowe has revealed that he has agreed to team up with Joe Exotic again, ahead of the release of Tiger King 2.

Speaking to TMZ, on their live show on Monday, Lowe, explained that he’s currently in the process of moving the GW Exotic Animal Park from Oklahoma to a new location, while still battling to get his animals back.

Police raided the exotic animal park last year and confiscated a number of animals after they had received reports that Lowe had been mistreating animals and that he didn’t have the correct paperwork.

Lowe also said that he and Exotic have come to an agreement to help each other out.


He claims that Exotic will help him try to get his animals back from the police, and in return he has agreed to hand over a number of recordings that could help Exotic get out of prison.

Tiger King 2 premieres this Wednesday on Netflix.

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