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Jeffree Star And James Charles’ Monkey Handler Reprimanded




Monkey handler Kevin Keith has been reprimanded by the USDA after allowing social media influencers too close to his animals unsupervised.

The influencers who have used Keith’s animals in videos and photoshoots include Jeffree Star, James Charles and Austin McBroom.

According to TMZ, Keith was reprimanded in relation to a particular shoot in November 2020 with the brand, Bananas Monkey. The handler had reportedly used a baboon and capuchin monkey for several social media shoots and the USDA judged that he failed to “adequately maintain direct control of the animals”.

Though no fine or further punishment was given, the USDA warned Keith to correct his practices.


Animal rights group PETA allegedly filed the initial complaint to the USDA, claiming that Keith violated the Animal Welfare Act. They also claimed Keith was endangering the animals and the general public, by not maintaining proper control of the monkeys.

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