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Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Making A Movie Together?



? ©Carrienelson1/ Composite

Psyke! Should be the caption under the headline by NW after their claim Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are making a movie together.

A fictional story was published by NW claiming the former couple are “teaming up on movies” — this has possibly been sparked up because NW discovered Brad and Jennifer founded a production company together when they were married.

Apparently, they were going through “old scripts that didn’t get off the ground” this is according to their “source,” — furthering, “people would go see [a movie] just because they were in it”

It’s a bogus story, and the fact is, they don’t need to make any films together. Credit where credit is due, it seems believable at first glance since Brad did attend Jennifer’s birthday party earlier this year.


unCrazed have spoken to our source that slammed the story and simply said: “what a crock of s***” — yikes.

Gossip is not a crime is NW‘s slogan, which is true, but at least gather facts before publishing. We aren’t perfect, but the story just makes no sense.