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Justin And Hailey Bieber Aren’t Having A Baby



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April Fools Day is certainly a good time to pull the most devious pranks, and that’s exactly what Justin Bieber did today. 

His wife, Hailey Bieber, has gone along with it — but we’ve busted their plan to fool the world.

Justin shared an ultrasound on his Instagram today, with no caption, sending fans wild, but for the most part, people suggested it was all a prank.

He then uploaded another photograph, this time showing Hailey in a bed, surrounded by two medical-like professionals wearing gloves, with Hailey’s top slightly up revealing her stomach — the caption reads, “If U thoughts it was April fools”


We can tell you for a matter of fact, this is an April Fools joke. In fact, we spoke to a source close to the Bieber family who tells us “if someone can’t do a simple reverse image search in 2019, we have a problem,”

If you simply reverse Google search the ultrasound photo, you will find it links to an already existing Wikipedia page featuring the exact same ultrasound image.

At first glance though, it seems legitimate, it was only recently Justin revealed he would return back to music but right now he’s focussing on being able to “sustain my marriage and be the father I want to be,”

On that note, he also uploaded another version of the ultrasound — this time, with a dog, photoshopped in, replacing the baby in the previous ultrasound image.


You almost had us, Justin.