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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Brad Pitt’s Baby?



? ©Angela George/CC/unCrazed Composite

Tabloids are buying a story that claims Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are having a baby together.

Typically, with a story this ridiculous, we don’t contact our sources because, well, it’s ridiculous. However, we spoke to them and their response, “do you seriously believe this?” — of course we don’t, and neither should you.

A source contacted us explaining that a new story was being shopped around claiming the ex-spouses were having a baby together; with a twist that it’s Brad’s way of gaining revenge on Angelina Jolie for adopting another child — which she isn’t, and we busted that headline here.

Multiple tabloids have paid for this story, actually paid for the story. Usually, we find tabloids are literally making up the sources’ existence, but we are being told they are buying into this.


Trust us on this — Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not having a baby together — not just our sources are telling us this, but anyone should see this as fake news, right?

Perhaps they should read our article before publishing, as it has already been put to rest.