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Jennifer Aniston & Johnny Depp Dated?



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Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp were dating for a brief time last year, according to a fake news headline. 

On November 21, 2018, Globe wrote “Jen’s Crushing On Pirate Johnny” as their feature headline.

The tabloid stated that Aniston was “putting the word out… that she’d be down to have dinner if he’s interested.” furthering, “She’s always found him cute. Jen feels Johnny’s had a terrible run of bad luck, and like her, he chose his long-term partners extremely badly.”

At the time of the alleged dating, the 50-year-old actress was filming The Morning Show for Apple TV+ — now available on the streaming service — and as a source pointed out at the time, “Jennifer really doesn’t have time to date and she most certainly isn’t dating Depp.”


Myth-busted. Rumour-squashed. Headline-busted. This story occasionally resurfaces, but it is just that; a story, fictional and with zero truth.

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