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Katie Holmes Pregnant With Jamie Foxx?



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Katie Holmes is pregnant with either Jamie Foxx or Justin Theroux, according to a false tabloid front cover.

The surprising news struck fans after NW WROTE, “3 MONTHS PREGNANT KATIE’S BABY SHOCK! Who’s the dad?!”

According to the tabloid, Holmes is “enjoying a new fling” with Theroux, with an alleged source claiming, “Can you imagine if it’s Justin’s kid? He never really wanted one, which is one of the main reasons he and Jen split. But now he’s looking down the barrel of a love child with another famous actress. He and Katie were both so physically into each other that they definitely threw caution to the wind a few times.”

The tabloid speculates it could even be Foxx’s child, saying, “It would be the baby he never wanted to give her, but he’s happy to see that honour go to someone else – or even IVF with a donor, if that’s the path she’s gone down.


Regardless of who the father of her child is, there will only be two people raising it – Katie and [her daughter] Suri.”

Major plot holes in this clearly fabricated story that’s supported by lack of knowledgable information on Katie, Jamie of Justin. Further to this, and another reason why magazine news is becoming a thing of the past; Holmes posted a photo on Instagram where she has a bare stomach that shows zero sign of a pregnancy bump.

New Weekly!

The front cover of NW points out an alleged “BUMP ON BOARD!” — check out the bare stomach photo below.

We’re busting this headline and clearing up this rumour: Katie Holmes isn’t pregnant.

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