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Jennifer Aniston Nearing A Breakdown?



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Jennifer Aniston is nearing a “breakdown” due to work-life pressures.

According to Star, Jennifer is close to having a breakdown over the pressures surrounding Apple TV+‘s The Morning Show.

unCrazed is busting this headline and letting you know the truth behind the falsified story published by this tabloid.

Star is claiming the actresses is “pushing herself to the brink” in order to ensure the upcoming The Morning Show is a success, with an alleged source saying she is “throwing herself headfirst into this projects, and it’s taking a serious toll. People are concerned that she’s pushing herself way too hard.”


The alleged insider continues to state that Aniston “is under an insane amount of daily pressure, with memorising lines and shooting take after take. She hasn’t had such a grinding schedule since her Friends days, and it seems to be wreaking havoc on her emotionally and physically.”

We’re clearing up the “memorising lines and shooting take after take,” statement — The Morning Show wrapped up in May, so unless this article was delayed in publishing, that comment is inaccurate.

Continuing the seemingly made-up story, the alleged source says, “Jen has no time for herself, which means her exercise routine has gone out the window and she’s grabbing food whenever she has a chance. It’s not the healthy stuff she usually eats, and she’s gained some weight. Jen is exhausted, and everyone’s worried that she could be on the verge of a breakdown.”

Our source that is connected to the production of The Morning Show assures us that all cast members on the current promotional tour before the series premieres next month are being looked after.


Furthermore, it has been made clear to us that Jennifer isn’t nearing any breakdown and is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of rest bite inbetween promotional dates.

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