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Jennifer Garner And John Miller Aren’t Moving In Together




Busted… not the band another tabloid circulating a rumour that actually isn’t very exciting if it were true anyway. Nevertheless, we’re here to report on the fabrication that has taken place, once again.

In Touch have published the alleged story that states Jennifer Garner and John Miller are moving in together, after a few months of dating — let’s be honest, it wouldn’t matter if they were, but when it’s untrue, we are going to debunk it.

The tabloid quotes an insider, “she knows some people think it’s too soon, but now that their romance is no longer a secret, they want to be together 24/7… they’re already taking about getting married – and Jen hasn’t ruled out having kids with John, too,”,

Details from this source and the remaining content within their claim doesn’t hold enough detail for it to be a viable story.


Jennifer finalised her divorce with Ben Affleck last month and In Touch covered a story last year that claimed they were getting back together.

Do you believe Jennifer and John are moving in together, and if so, do you really care about the speed that their relationship could be moving?