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Jennifer Garner Isn’t Engaged To John Miller



? ©Karon Liu/unCrazed Composite

Despite the rumour-mill that Jennifer Garner is engaged to John Miller — we’re here to let you know that she isn’t.

Globe recently published a story that said Jennifer is ready to “rebuild her life by becoming burger chain honcho John Miller’s wife”

The tabloid continues to say that Jennifer said “yes” when John popped the question — but here’s the thing, he didn’t pop any question… the only question to be asked is where are these supposed “sources”

According to their “source”, John said “over breakfast one day: ‘Will you marry me?” — and apparently, Ben Affleck was “shattered” when Jennifer told him, with their “source” saying Ben is “miserable” since finding out.


Globe’s “source” states Jennifer is to be “planning the kind of wedding she’ll have,”

This report is completely inaccurate. Jennifer isn’t engaged — and Ben isn’t “miserable,” over John’s proposal because it didn’t happen.

In a nutshell, Jennifer and John remain a couple and remain un-engaged.