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Jensen Ackles Says Jessica Alba Was “Horrible” To Work With




Jensen Ackles says that working with Jessica Alba on Dark Angel was “horrible”.

Asked whether working with Alba had been “cool” during an appearance on the Inside of You podcast, Ackles replied: “No, she was horrible.”

Though he accepted that the then-19-year-old actress had been “under an immense amount of pressure”, Ackles said she had picked on him as the newest addition to the cast.

Describing their interactions as “the worst kind of bickering a brother and sister could do”, he added that “she had it out for me.”


“It wasn’t that she didn’t like me. She was like, ‘Oh here’s the pretty boy the network brought in for more window dressing because that’s what we need.’”

Ackles said he “fought fire with fire” and that the pair eventually developed a “mutual respect”. He revealed that following the death of his grandfather, Alba supported him: “She literally just walked into my trailer and held me for half an hour.”

“I love Jess. Which I know kind of contradicts what I just said,” he went on. “She was under an immense amount of pressure on that show. She was young, she was in a relationship with [co-star Michael Weatherly] and that was rocky and causing some undue stress, I believe, on set.”


Dark Angel was a 2000s sci-fi series created by Avatar director James Cameron and The Shield writer Charles Hamilton Eglee.

`The show depicted an escaped genetically enhanced supersoldier named Max Guevara (Alba) who must elude capture in a post-apocalyptic future.

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