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Jessica Simpson Hits Back At Vogue Editor For 2007 Met Gala Comments




Jessica Simpson has snapped back at a comment made about her at the 2007 Met Gala.

In a column written by Vogue editor Sally Singer, it read that John Mayer, who attended the event with Simpson at the time, had been inappropriate to the I Wanna Love You Forever singer at the dinner table.

Singer wrote that Simpson’s breasts maybe fell out of her dress on the red carpet … and then at dinner, it was suddenly like, whoa, Jessica Simpson’s breasts are across from me at the dinner table and they are on a platter and I’m looking at them.”

It further read that Mayer “was putting his hands on them at the dinner table. He kind of reached down and I just remember thinking, ‘Oh, celebrities, feel free to play here. That’s what’s going on.” to which Jessica has now responded, saying, “Feeling a little like Jayne Mansfield after reading this (inaccurate!) oral history of the #MetBall where I am body-shamed by #SallySinger.”


The 39-year-old continued to say, “But in all seriousness, I have preserved through shaming my own body and internalising the world’s opinions about it for my entire adult life. To read this much-anticipated article about the classiest fashion event there is and have to be shamed by another woman for having boobs in 2020 is nauseating.”

In response to Jessica’s comments, Vogue has responded saying, “We are sorry that Jessica felt body-shamed by the anecdote in our Met piece. That was never our intent, but we understand her reaction and we apologise for including it.”

As of publishing this article, the piece remains live on their Met column.

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