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Johnny Cash Estate Suing Wedding Venue



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The estate of Johnny Cash are suing a wedding venue for using photos of the late musician’s wedding to June Carter Cash. 

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, the estate of Johnny Cash have filed a lawsuit that claims images are being used by a business called Johnny & June’s Reception Hall and Entertainment Venue.

In the lawsuit, submitted by the John R. Cash Revocable Trust, the owners, Kathy Smith and Dustin Smith, and the wedding venue company are accused of using photographs, name and likeness to promote their business — without paying nor requesting permission.

John R. Cash Revocable Trust say in their lawsuit, “Defendants are using the name ‘Johnny & June’s,’ prominently-displayed images of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash in the Venue, and the Johnny Cash song lyrics in their online marketing.


Furthering, “While the Trust understands the pop culture appeal of referencing Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and appreciates the Defendant’s affinity toward the Cash family, their love story, and country music, the Trust is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the names, likenesses, trademarks and other indicia of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are not used in a manner that is likely to cause confusion or mistake in the marketplace.

The Defendants’ use the names, likeness, and personae of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash is without permission or authorisation from the Trust.”

An injunction against the venue has been requested, ordering Johnny & June’s to cease using the names and photographs plus all accounting details that show any profits made from the infringement.

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