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JoJo Releases New Song After Competing On The Masked Singer




JoJo talks about her new music following appearance on season five of The Masked Singer.

JoJo performed as the Black Swan on the hit show. JoJo describes the new song, Creature of Habit, as being “about someone who feels addicted to the habit a relationship, even though they’re not truly happy in it” Just Jared report.

The 30-year-old singer finished in second place. The artist credits Tori Kelly as the one who inspired her to join the show, JoJo says “Her response really made me feel like it was something that I wanted to do” PEOPLE report.


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When speaking with PEOPLE, the artist mentioned how appearing on the show helped her create new music. “I wouldn’t have been able to make this music if it weren’t for ‘The Masked Singer as she needed to get out “funk.”

JoJo mentions how she was in a “grey place,” and how she feels “like this revitalised my creativity.”


JoJo’s new song Creature of Habit is available to listen now.

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