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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Family Caught Covid-19




Kim Kardashian says she and her four children contracted Covid-19 while she was studying for the ‘baby bar’ – an important test on her journey to become a lawyer.

Kardashian shared the news on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Earlier in the episode, it was revealed that Kardashian had failed her first attempt at the test, but had ultimately decided to try again.

The successful mum-of-four revealed that it was her son, Saint, who first caught the virus at school. She says the rest of the family caught the virus soon after.


North and I kept feeling really sick. We took tests right before we went to bed and we when I woke up in the morning the tests, you know, came back positive.”

Her illness came about a week before the crucial law test she is required to pass if she wishes to continue studying law.

“We’re supposed to do 12-hour study sessions every single day leading up until the test, and I’ve just been feeling so sick and so just awful with Covid that I can hardly even get out of bed and study.”

Kardashian was adamant she would take the test regardless of her illness, saying, “I’m going to take this test, Covid or not.”


An on screen notice revealed that Kim Kardashian’s illness halted production of the show for fourteen days.

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