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Julia Robert’s Husband Isn’t Upset About Her Friendship With Sean Penn



? ©David Shankbone/unCrazed Composite

Another false story doing the rounds this week suggesting that Julia Roberts’ husband, Danny Moder, is upset about her friendship with Sean Penn.

Completely inaccurate — and here’s why.

New Idea has written some material saying Julia‘s friendship with Sean is a “real bone of contention in their marriage.”

Furthering, “Fanny knowns there’s nothing going on with Sean – and Julia would never do that to him – but he hates that she goes to another man for advice and that they spend so long on the phone, texting one another,” — their alleged “insider” continues to say that Julia and Sean “have become even closer in recent months,”


Firstly, Julia and Danny aren’t having any marriage problems — and on that note, Julia has even referred to Danny as “my favourite human” during an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop podcast.

Our sources are telling us the story is bogus and even joked, “who even is ‘New Idea’?” — they’re a celebrity gossip tabloid — gossip being the focus word here.