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Busting the Headlines

Justin Bieber Isn’t On A Suicide Watch



? ©Joe Bielawa/unCrazed Composite

In a disgusting effort to claim a headline spot this month, Star made up a phoney headline claiming Justin Bieber is on suicide watch.

We have news for you fellow Busting The Headlines readers… the story is fake, completely false and utterly disturbing.

Earlier this month, reports began circulating that Justin was receiving treatment for anxiety and depression — which is the truth.

Star took it upon themselves to go one step further and claim he was on suicide watch. Their alleged insider said, “Justin is on a knife’s edge at the moment. He’s getting help, but it doesn’t seem to be working. He’s stopped eating, sleeps all the time and wants to be by himself. He seems to have lost the will to live.”


The alleged insider goes on to say his skin is breaking out “more than he ever did as a teenager” and claim he’s lost 130 pounds in weight.

Continuing to say that Hailey Baldwin, his wife, has been trying to help him “beat his demons” but Justin’s alleged “mood swings and fits of tears” are getting in the way of her supporting him.

Our sources are telling us the story is “false” and are “disgusted but not surprised by another ‘clickbait’ headline”. Even worse than the headline itself is people are buying it, literally, purchasing the magazine due to the front cover which says Justin Bieber Exclusive Suicide Watch — completely inaccurate and wrong in so many ways.