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Busting the Headlines

Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Bailing On Co-Host Kelly Ripa Or ‘Live’



? ©Duncan Rawlinson/unCrazed Composite

Life & Style recently reported that Ryan Seacrest is bailing on Kelly Ripa and Live — untrue. 

Busting The Headlines is here to inform you of the inaccuracy this story holds.

In their article they claim after moving from Los Angeles to New York to co-host Live with Kelly, that Ryan is now thinking about “bailing on their morning show” and “blindsiding” her.

Their alleged source says, “[Seacrest] misses his life on the West Coast.” — furthering that Kelly would be “devastated” if he quit and recently “flat-out asked him if he planned to leave”. They go as far to claim say “contracts were made to be broken” in reference to Ryan signing a deal.


Our sources are saying the story is “manufactured” from “unreliable insiders” and explains that Ryan “doesn’t plan to leave” and this “article is clearly made for clicks”.

Rumour, busted.