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Kanye West Plans To Solve L.A. Homeless Crisis




Kanye West has been working with L.A charities to solve the homeless crisis. 

The rapper is standing with the homeless community and is creating a plan to resolve the growing problem.

He “stopped by the L.A. Mission to drop off 1,000 meals last week” TMZ report.

West also met with Reverend Troy Vaughn and came up with 4 ways to solve the issue.


Kanye wants to create a plan to continue feeding the unhoused by establishing a working relationship with orgs across the city.”

“He also wants to use his own companies to help provide education, jobs and housing.”

Ye plans to use his platform and his Sunday Service to raise awareness, inspire, and uplift the community.

Kanye wants to partner with other groups tackling the crisis and combine their efforts with his ability to provide a bold and innovative vision for the future.”


Working together with charities and organisations, he believes they can eliminate the problem.

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