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Katie Holmes Isn’t Marrying Jamie Foxx Following ‘Unofficial Engagement’ Rumour



? Carrienelson1 |

Let’s make one thing clear: Katie Holmes and Jamies Foxx are dating, but the rumour of secret marriage is false. 

The pair have dated since December 2015, albeit, secretly — which has spurred this new rumour of the couple now getting married to impress Katie’s parents after Jamie won over her parents.

Globe have published a story saying the couple has been “unofficially married” for a while; “Jamie was nervous about meeting Katie’s parents, Martin and Kathleen, who’ve long been suspicious about his motives,”… according to an alleged source.

The source continues, “But he’s assured them he has nothing but love for Katie and he’ll honour that once they are man and wife.” — it seems the tabloid are using last months birthday dinner as an excuse to publish untrue information. Last month, Katie brought her mother to Jamie’s birthday dinner, but her father didn’t attend.


National Enquirer, sister outlet to Globe, ran a story very similar last week saying Katie’s parents had given Jamie their blessing to marry their daughter.

The couple have no plans to get married anytime soon, and that is a fact — rumour, debunked.

Fun fact though, Jamie and Tom Cruise were close friends back in 2004 when they starred in Collateral together. Tom and Katie were married 2006-2012.