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Katy Perry Loses ‘Dark Horse’ Trial & Must Pay Damages



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Katy Perry just took a huge loss in court after a jury ruled her Dark Horse song was stolen from a gospel song.

The song in question is Joyful Noise by Christian rapper, Flame, which released 5 years earlier than Katy’s Dark Horse. 

On Monday, a verdict was reached after a lengthy legal battle that started in July 2014, almost a year after her hit song flooded the charts.

Flame’s music label released the music video on YouTube in 2008, and since the lawsuit was filed, it has attracted millions of views. He believes Katy stole the main beat — with Katy saying there are no meaningful similarities.


She claims she heard the beats from Dr. Luke whilst drinking wine in Santa Barbara; telling the jury that Dark Horse was written in 4 hours.

In the lawsuit, Flame says his reputation in the Christian music circles are now destroyed due to people believing he is anti-Christian because of the Dark Horse music video.

Damages are now being sought, and soon enough, Katy will discover the overall cost she will incur.

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