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Ed Sheeran Buys Neighbours Properties In Noise Battle



? Denis Makarenko/unCrazed Composite

Ed Sheeran purchased a number of properties after neighbours complained about the noise, according to sources. 

Neighbours began complaining about the building and construction work taking place at his London home.

In order to find a solution, the Perfect singer decided to purchase the flat above his Notting Hill bar and restaurant, along with the two houses next to his home, costing around $4.5 million — his personal home is worth $20 million.

A source states, “Ed’s had neighbours grumbling about noise before so when he got a chance to buy up the two houses next to his London home, he jumped at the chance,”


We are told that Ed may have purchased the properties for another reason, but it is unclear, however, a former neighbour of Ed’s claims noise levels were very minimal when they lived in the local area.

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