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Kelly Clarkson Suffered Two Health Scares Requiring Surgery



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Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she had another major health scare that required emergency surgery.

During the filming of a live The Voice show, she was “in so much pain,” but wasn’t sure why. After the show ended, doctors were sent in to investigate her condition to discover that a cyst had burst.

Before the show began airing, she had pain in her stomach, but it quickly went away — but the moment cameras began rolling, the pain came back with a vengeance.

She explained to PEOPLE magazine, “Blake [Shelton] was talking to me and all of the sudden, everything he said just went away and I had to grab his arm and I was like, ‘Something is wrong.’”


In May, Kelly suffered from appendicitis, and underwent surgery to have her appendix removed; now being able to rule out a reoccurring appendicitis condition, this intense bout of pain came just a week after surgery. She said, “That was more painful than the appendicitis … it was literally a week after my surgery so I was freaking out!”

After the show finished airing, she began asking if anyone was a fan of hers and if someone could get her to the hospital, “I was like, ‘Anyone a fan? Can someone get me to a hospital room?’” — once she arrived, she explained, “I was hysterically laughing and crying at one point in the E.R. like ‘What is happening?’ … I’m great now. I’m totally great now.”

After another trip to a busy E.R. (“I was like, ‘Anyone a fan? can someone help me get a hospital room?’”) Clarkson now says all is well. But the random back-to-back health scares did throw her for a loop.

“I was hysterically laughing and crying at one point in the E.R. like ‘What is happening?’” she says. Thankfully, “I’m great now. I’m totally great now.”


Kelly’s new NBC talk show airs on Monday, September 9, 2019.

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