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Kourtney Kardashian Responds To Scott Disick DM Leak




There is a whole indirect internet drama going on right now between Travis Barker and Scott Disick, and now Kourtney has jumped in.

The timeline of events is a bit complicated, but over the past couple of days a very interesting online beef has unraveled between the three.

It started when Younes Bendjima, Kourtney’s model ex exposed Disicks highly hypercritical Instagram message to him.

He then posted another story.

Bendjima hints that this is not the first time Disick has been deceitful towards Kardashian.

Then, Kardashian‘s current boyfriend Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is spotted liking an instagram post calling out Disick.


Barker is clearly not happy with Disick’s attempt to slander Kardashian.

Now, Kardashian has hit back with a cryptic tweet which many believe refers to the situation;

The message echos Bendjima’s Instagram, and this is definitely not the first time Disick has tried to do something like this.

It could also express that Kardashian is glad she didn’t try to expose Disick herself, and it has finally been done for her.


Kardashian has now posted a cryptic Instagram story;

The post reads “how to get over someone who treated you badly” and links to a article on Poosh.

The piece reads “We get it, you’re still in love with this person so most likely you let several red flags slide.”

It goes on to say “you were blinded by love and made excuses that aren’t in line with your better judgment. But don’t be too hard on yourself, because we’ve all been there.”

Even though it doesn’t specifically say it is written by Kardashian, it’s still a mug full of shade thrown Disick’s way.


The photo used could be a parody of the Kardashian and Barker that sparked the whole argument.

Whatever happens next, we are all eager to see where this legendary internet beef will go next.

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