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KSI Album Slated For #1 Position In UK Charts



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Rapper KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, released his new album, New Age, on April 12, 2019. 

Featuring British musical artist, Randolph, real name Andrew Shane, New Age is their collaboration album with titles including BeerusNew AgeChampagne and Pull Up — all of which are trending on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

In a tweet, KSI said, “We didn’t wanna make a big deal about this but we’re 13th on the U.K. midweek album charts,” furthering, “getting a top 10 would be insane. You’ve all been sick so far if you do wanna help, the best way is to buy the album on iTunes. We’ve made it as cheap as possible too.”

On the release date, New Age ranked at number 4 in the UK iTunes charts and due to the high volume of downloads, it’s slated to rise to number 1 by the end of this month.


The album retails at just £3.99 and is available to easily purchase on iTunes.


For those considering purchasing the album, give it a listen on Apple Music or Spotify whilst you scramble for the £3.99 down the side of your sofa. Not sponsored — sheer appreciation for genuinely talented individuals — Piers Morgan will be proud.