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Sophie Turner Contemplated Suicide In Game Of Thrones



? Gage Skidmore/CC/unCrazed Composite

Sophie Turner has spoken about fame and the serious implications it has on her mental health.

Discussing her growing fame on Game Of Thrones, she explains to Dr. Phil on his podcast that criticism over her role in GoT led her to contemplate suicide.

She does say that although she doesn’t believe she was actually capable of hurting herself, the thought was “just a weird fascination” she used to have.

Sophie rose to fame at 14 years-old after she was cast to play Sansa Stark in HBO’s Game Of Thrones — but the increasing popularity flooded her with negative comments from disapproving critics, which wreaked havoc on her mental health.


The main area of negativity came from social media bullies, and because of the negative comments, she began doubting her acting abilities and physical appearance; insecurity set in leading to depression — and the most simple task would make her burst into tears.

Mounting pressures from this led her to make the decision to start therapy and treatment, alongside medication. Now that filming has finished, she is taking a step back from acting and will focus on her mental health.

Joe Jonas has been a huge support, helping her find happiness and love herself more than ever.